Orange Train Depot at Night

Orange Train Depot getting ready for its close-up

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Orange Train Depot in Orange TexasPassing by the Orange Train Depot last night, I noticed the interior lights were on and it looked like someone was working inside. I turned the car around and went back, since I hadn’t had a chance to get any inside pictures in a little while to share with those of you who have been anxiously awaiting the completion for the depot.

I know the work on the building itself was complete, because the contractor had turned over the keys to the committee before last week’s Friends of the Orange Depot meeting. I thought it might be a friend that is about to install the security system, but no, it was a cleaning crew! They were cleaning the depot and washing the windows, getting it ready for its upcoming public close-up on May 7.

Southern Pacific Railroad medallion in the floor of the Orange Train Depot Museum
The Southern Pacific logo in the floor of the service area.

If you haven’t heard, that’s when the committee is hosting an open house from 2-5 p.m. You will be able to walk around and see the restoration up close and personal. There will be entertainment, refreshments and info on what’s next for the depot.

Currently Frey’s Nursery is preparing to grounds for the landscaping to go in. Plants are expected to go in around April 3. It should add a lot to the beautification of downtown as there will be 12 trees going in along with other bushes and shrubbery designed to coordinate with other landscaping already in the city. It should all be in place to make Orange more beautiful in time for Art in the Park.

Friends of the Orange Depot (FOOD) will be at Art in the Park, selling bricks, new t-shirts and raffle tickets for the many raffle items that will be drawn for at the open house.

Picture window at the Orange Train Depot
Three weeping willows will be visible from the window when the landscaping is installed.

Information will be released in the near future how you can rent the depot for your own event, even before it opens as a museum. Committee members are currently working on rates and policies for what will be Oranges newest event venue. It will be a perfect setting for bridal and baby showers, small weddings and reunions.

Great things are coming to Orange and you will get to see it up close and personal in the very near future at the Orange Train Depot Museum, 2-5 p.m., May 7, 2017

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