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Entire cast of “Dolly” deserves standing “O”

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I just thought at “Hello Dolly’s” intermission I had laughed harder than I had in a long time at a show. I was wrong,

During the second act  it was not only me doing belly laughs, but the entire audience.

Sally Struthers may have been the named star, but the entire cast deserves recognition. There wasn’t a week character in the bunch. Continue reading Entire cast of “Dolly” deserves standing “O”

I sneaked a peek at OCP Les Mis

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I slipped into the Les Miserables practice at Orange Community Players last night for a few minutes and was blown away by the music and some of the voices.

I had heard how good it sounded from some of the players and decided to take a peek.

I did not know Shane Taylor had those kind of pipes! He plays the lead of Jean Valjean.

The part of his arch nemesis, Javert was being sung by the understudy. He is someone I am not familiar with, but if that was the understudy; wow!

Doug Rogers is the director and he has done a great job in casting. He is one of the most powerful voices OCP has and he is not even in it; if that tells you anything.

They’ve still got five weeks of rehearsals and haven’t even really started blocking the stage, but the quick sneak peek was impressive.

The show doesn’t start till May, but I’ve heard opening night and some others are almost sold out, so this is one you definitely want to make reservations for.

I’m looking forward to it.

octx.info event calendar/ Les Miserables


Rain threatened Art in the Park but didn’t show

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The sky was looking dark and there was an occasional sprinkle that kept threatening Art in the Park Saturday with rain, but thankfully it never materialized.

IMG_20140322_105614_389The usual crowd was down in numbers in anticipation of the weather, but there was still great art, crafts and books available by many vendors. Offered for Continue reading Rain threatened Art in the Park but didn’t show