Swamp Pop coming up

If you are at the age to remember seeing Jivin’ Gene, GG Shinn, Charles Mann, and all the others that did the music that came to be called “Swamp Pop” there is an event coming up that you will not want to miss. Jimmy Guidry has broadened his horizons, from putting on the West Orange Chiefs Dance in December to staging the upcoming Swamp Pop event. It is remarkable that these artists, all in their 70s by now still have the same smooth delivery that we enjoyed so many years ago. Jimmy told me he has had inquiries from as far away as Houston and Austin. This is a genre that has not lost and has gained popularity. Put this event on your calendar and take your favorite partner out and let the years slip away as you enjoy the music and dance a little too.

It was just a “crazy idea”

I am glad to be a part of what was just a “Crazy Idea” since the beginning. Billy and Gabby Snyder started Orange Trade Days four years ago to try hand help revitalize the east end of Orange by starting a small monthly flea market in the old East Town Shopping Center.

I can remember while growing up, coming here with my mother to buy groceries.

Not only did I do stories about the plans for Orange Trade Days during its start, but also became one of the first vendors. I am there almost every month offering information about energy healing and an amazing technique called Quantum Touch. I have made many friends there. The vendors have become a family that looks after one another .

Orange Trade Days The Beginning
Orange Trade Days
The Beginning

“4 Years we have poured our blood sweat and tears not to get rich but to help others get into business without going broke , Please visit Continue reading It was just a “crazy idea”

Awesome music, great food benefit Orangefield’s Durkin

The Bridge City Community Center was packed Saturday at the benefit for Diesel Durkin. Dinners of either barbecue or jambalaya were flying out the door.

Music for the day was provided by four sets of entertainers: David Joel, Britt Godwin and Bubba; Deep Creek Band; and The Fanatics.Britt Godwin

An auction was held throughout the day with the top prize being a

framed and signed Johnny Manziel Jersey and football going in a heated battle for $3,240.

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